Watch irish presidential inauguration online dating

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His remarks to his supporters at the Lincoln Memorial early Thursday evening included the assertion that his victory was really theirs.

Then, talking about his nominees for top administration jobs, he said: “We have, by far, the highest IQ of any Cabinet ever assembled.” That’s obviously unknowable.Call it the “Goodnight Moon” of inaugural addresses.He does as he pleases, expectations be damned, and indeed the most striking aspect of Trump’s transition was an absence of humility.At the start of almost every rally, he trumpeted his poll numbers, and I don’t mean a few quick bleats - I mean a vulgar music that could go on for minutes.At the conclusion of almost every debate, he announced how brilliantly he’d done.

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“I’m just the messenger.” But then he recited, for perhaps the thousandth time, how emphatically he defied so many pundits’ predictions and how huge his rallies were.