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Top dating games

Given the large amount of games on the system, the wide variety of titles, and the personal differences of opinion among our editors, this was actually an extremely daunting task -- and one that we took very seriously.

In putting together our list of the Play Station's best, we took many different things into consideration.

It may not seem like I'm saying much, considering the general downward trend in RPG difficulty these last few years, but the showdown with Wiegraf and Velius would be #$^%in' HARD in any generation.

Those kinds of challenges were what forced you to learn how to play the game, to dig through the Job system and develop a party with a powerful, well-rounded skill set.

It featured a very complex storyline and offered hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Easily one of the best games in its genre on Play Station and worthy of the Final Fantasy moniker.

And, there have been a whole lot of games for that matter.Since its launch in September of 1995, there have been a grand total of more than 800 games released for the system.That brings us to where we are today; we have decided to put our heads together and come up with what we believe are the Top 25 Games of All Time on Play Station.The Play Station was the system that finally said it loud enough: these are people, not just sprites.But the system had its throwbacks, and this is one of them: not a game with heart, but a game with guts.

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You used ninja-style weapons and gadgets, the whole story and setting was based in feudal Japan, and the core concept was to sneak around in the shadows, and the better you were at that, the more rewards you received.

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