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Tips and tricks to online dating

Do this for i Auto and ART and SCN too if you want to. Now, back on your main camera screen, press OK and the Super Control Panel will now show across your whole screen with little touchscreen buttons for ISO, WB, S-AF and so on. Turn off Face Priority Now that you’ve got the SCP working, the first thing I would do is turn Face Priority off, as I find this often conflicts with where you’re trying to focus the camera.

But do have it on if you want to easily focus on faces. Tap the screen to focus I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to selecting my focus point – I use the round control to do that. To do this, get familiar with the little on-screen tap icon in the bottom lefthand corner.

To do this: Press the Menu button, scroll down to the spanner icon and click on that.

In that menu scroll down to Menu Display with the cogs icon and go in and turn the cogs Menu display to On. Now when you press Menu the cogs icon will display and you can go in there and have a look at the things you can do! Bring up the Super Control Panel This is something you can do on all the Olympus cameras but you have to turn it on.

It’s a full-screen menu that allows you to easily access all you camera settings like ISO, aperture, white balance, manual focus and so in.

It’s much better than using the sidebar menu that you’ll currently have set up. Go to your (now showing) Settings Menu (cogs) and go to D. In Control Settings first select P/A/S/M, click in and tick Live SCP and untick the other boxes.

If this isn’t showing, press Menu and then go back to your active camera screen.

This allows you to do things like assign functions to buttons, get into Movie settings and access the Super Control Panel – more on that in the next point!

So if you roll this you can see your aperture, highlighted in green at the bottom of the screen change from its lowest to highest.

For the kit lens, 3.5 is the widest your aperture will go – the wider your aperture, the shallower your depth of field.

I set mine at -3 and 3 for extra contrast in my photos.

But play around with the values and see what suits you. Set your button & dial functions The dial on top of your camera should be pre-set to change your aperture.

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Quite telling that my camera is practically always set to square these days! I quite like using 16:9 to change things up every now and then! Use Blur Background If you are new to your camera and still using i Auto then you can use the Blur Background button.