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An infant grandson was dashed against the wall of the home, which was spattered with its blood and brains. When the savages were gone the murdered Hamptons were buried in one grave near the yard.” A History of the Jefferies Family found in the Cherokee County Library states that Nathaniel Jefferies and Wade Hampton were in the same regiment.Though records are limited, it is possible that they both fought in the Battle of Fort Sullivan.(Roots Web’s World Connect Project, Entries 333301, Contact–Joann Sovelenko) He married Phillis Mackey, daughter of John Mackey, in Essex County, Virginia, in 1725.(Roots Web’s World Connect Project: Southern Families and Beyond, Contact–Theresa Buchanan; Roots Web’s World Connect Project: Compton’s Place of Georgia Connections, Contact–William Kerr) She was born on Turkey Island, Virginia, in 1709.

The same hand that he had grasped only a moment before sent a tomahawk through his skull and immediately his wife met the same fate.

Nathaniel offered Wade his home as a place of residence, when he was not engaged in the army. Logan in his History of the Upper Country of South Carolina, Volume II, pages 38-30, wrote: “John Beckham was a most active Whig and fearless scout.

It was not long before Wade Hampton I learned about John Beckham’s ability to train race horses. After he met Beckham, he was invited to live with him and his wife between his days in the army. While Morgan (General Daniel) was encamped on Grindal’s Shoals, he kept him in constant motion, and he did valuable service.” The Reverend James D.

(Roots Web’s World Connect Project: Stevenson—Koenig Family Tree by Walter Stevenson) She had a brother, John Mackey, Jr., who was a Patriot soldier during the American Revolutionary War.

(The Beginning of Beckham Families—page 10—Google) William and Phyllis moved their family to Hanover County, Virginia, where their first child, Simon Beckham, was born in 1728, and their second child, Thomas, was born in 1729.

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Thus was born the Beckham cemetery that later became known as the Hodge cemetery. was born in 1766, after they had moved to Pacolet River in the Carroll (Grindal) Shoals area. Bailey wrote: “He engaged in hunting and trapping as game was plentiful. Bailey also wrote: “A short distance above the Shoals (Grindal) on the west side of the river, a spring may be seen, that is yet known as the Chisholm spring.