Ps3 nba2k8 not updating

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Play Station 3 bundle (includes Play Station 3 console, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, choice of Litte Big Planet or Motor Storm: Pacific Rift and FIFA 09 demo): 9 Whats MGS4 and guns of the patriots like ?

Thanks guys :) Most of my worries have been answered now.

Didn't pick it up as i had it, hated it and sold it.. While i do like criterion and massive props to them for supporting the game with free DLC, the dlc is pretty dodgy (bikes only have 1 brake and are horrible to steer), i just don't really like it.

I got the game back in march for delivered off ebay, sold it recently for :p. edit: scat is right. @Twig Figure I got David Jones to price match it.

From quite a number of reviews I have read on End War, the idea I get is that.

The voice command aspect is very effective and fun. Extremely shallow strategy, horrible AI and pathing issues hurt the game much. Hmmm Best deal I've come across currently is from DSE 2 for PS3 80gig, Dual Shock 3 and Little Big Planet. I will need a 2nd controller I'm guessing cheapest i've seen them is and 3.

As far as presentation, I think Madden is being held back by timing and understanding when, where and how to use overlays and post-play camera angles. And I don't wanna see an overlay about my player record unless I'm playing online and even then I'm not sure I want to see it. At no time should a sack happen and the camera doesn't closely spotlight the playmaker(s).

just go out and rent hell games heycan anyone offer their assistance, my ps3 is on debut- turning on the console for the 1st time. any input would be great then yeah maybe not cod4/5 BF: BC then.Can't wait to get it, I've emailed DSE and EB Games, and JB and asked them if thats the best deal they can do etc, might not change anything on the other hand doesn't hurt to ask.I'm also hoping to buy a PS3 for my birthday and to also celebrate my completion year 12. I was wondering which retail store currently has the cheapest price for Burnout Paradise.Give me a drive summary after a score has been made, but don't update me 4 times during one drive. At no point should a TD scoring player be given a far-away camera shot.These playmakers should always be framed and/or given a closeup when appropriate.

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Or once you get your PS3, you can download it for $49.

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