Dating royal doulton toby mugs serie prisioneros de guerra online dating

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Dating royal doulton toby mugs

For instance, the first clown range of jugs produced in the 1930s had red hair and multi-coloured handles, but due to the war time restrictions on supply of materials, the hair during the war years was changed to brown. Red or brown haired clowns are two-three times more valuable than the white ones, but the most valuable if the one-off black haired clown, commissioned by a family whose grandfather was a black haired clown.This was sold at auction a few years ago for £12,000.Members who joined at a later date find the clock points to two o’clock.Rarities Other factors which aid dating and can affect value includes colour variations.There was also a version with gold handle, now more valuable.

It was a jovial, seated, male figure, with a mug in his hand and a tricorn hat which made a pouring spout.

More recently, the London ‘Bobby’ has both a whistle and Big Ben.

The character jug from 1996 shows how far this trend has developed in the model of Jesse Owen who won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics.

The Beefeater Guard who guards the Tower of London was introduced in 1947 and carried the initials GR on his handle for George Rex.

In 1953 when Elizabeth II came to the throne, these were changed to ER, Elizabeth Regina.

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