Dating carlton ware marks

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Dating carlton ware marks

With James Wiltshaw now in control he employed a new Art Director that would lead W&R out of the shadow of From 1916 the pattern number system flows clearly and cleanly through to the 1960’s.

From this point all patterns are laid out by pattern number.

And the Carlton Ware brand is carried on today by Francis Joseph who produces high quality limited edition pieces. I do request that if you use this resource for commercial gain that you credit for providing information.

If you have a four digit W&R or Carlton ware pattern number and do not know the pattern it is issued against.

If production of a pattern began during the Wiltshire & Robinson era all the subsequent pattern numbers will appear under W&R heading even if they where produced during the era of the Carlton Ware script mark.

All pattern and items listed as W&R in the title mean they have a W&R mark, this is the same with Carlton Ware, Handcraft and the four Royale marks.

After WWII production of the lustre patterns began again in earnest.Items produced pre 1940 more often than not have the pattern number written by hand in black ink on the base of the item.In the example above on the left, the pattern number is 3968 (Blossom & Spray); the number above 1/8360 is batch number. In the example on the right above the pattern number is 4340 (New Stork) and the shape number 1640/5.Its’ world wide popularity is matched only by its incredible range.From novelties and crested ware, to salad ware and the embossed patterns like Foxglove, Buttercup, Oak and Hydrangea and then on to the hand painted and lustre patterns like the Chinoiserie School of patterns and Tutankhamen, Crested Bird, Spiders Web and New Stork.

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In 1894 the W&R Crown & Swallow maker's mark was introduced.