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A range of years specifies the year of publishing through the year the content was last revised.If your website has been up for more than a year then it is advisable to show the date range instead of the current year.The Website copyright protects the owner‘s rights to the content, logos, images on the website.The Copyright can be a single year which is the year the site was created.The accessibility work that you did for WCAG 1.0 will be useful for meeting WCAG 2.0.Sites that meet WCAG 1.0 will already be a long way to fulfilling WCAG 2.0.For example, you may be required to meet Level A and Level AA success criteria.Legal and Policy Factors in Developing a Web Accessibility Business Case for Your Organization and International Policies Relating to Web Accessibility help determine what requirements apply to your Web site.

Let us explore some of the ways to auto update the copyright year on a website.Copyright information establishes your right over the content on your website.It is also important legally if you face the issue of content stolen from the website.An outdated copyright will no longer uphold your ownership of the site content making it vulnerable to thefts.Displaying the correct range on the website copyright gives an idea of the time period the business has been running.

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(However, a site that meets only WCAG 2.0 does not automatically meet WCAG 1.0, because WCAG 2.0 is more flexible in some areas.) Depending on what work is required to update your site to WCAG 2.0, you might want to update your most important and frequently-used pages soon and make all new pages meet WCAG 2.0, but not retrofit old pages that are not used much.